Piano And Music Games For Kids

Piano And Music Games For Kids

Piano And Music Games For Kids

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“Piano and games for kids” – free music games for kids which will help your baby spend his time with an electronic device effectively. Your child will join a musical adventure and learn a lot of interesting things about world of music. The game contains free mode piano playing where young musician can show all the skills. Also, the app includes simple mini games to develop fine motor skills and will entertain your child with bright colors, nice characters and funny sounds.

- Popular melodies for kids;
- Play the piano;
- Fine motor skills developing games;
- Sounds of animals, bells, aliens, cars robots;
- Play the drums.

“Piano and games for kids” is designed for children of preschool age and also suitable for boys and girls 2- 5 years old. All the activities were developed with participation of experts in the field of children education and include such educational elements as fine motor skills developing and memory improving.

Bimi Boo will play such music games as:

- 10-key piano with 7 sound sets – simple piano, xylophone, drums, funny car and robot sounds. There are even sounds of animals;
- Harvest with Bimi Boo – collect fruits which fall into the basket while the melody is being played;
- Into the space with a good friend – collect stars to continue music playing;
- Happy fair with balloons – catch all of them and get stars award;
- Musical dream – count sheep and play the calm music;
- Bimi Boo picnic – help him eat all the sweets;
- Fun bathing – Bimi plays with funny bubbles.

The app is designed by Bimi Boo team that develops educational apps for children and games to improve fine motor skills of toddlers. Our games are suitable for children of preschool age. We think, developing process of a child must be fascinating and entertaining. Nice graphics and simple activities will definitely make the process more interesting for boys and girls and motivate them to learn more.

- added 3 new musical sets
- enhanced gameplay
- optimized performance
- improved animations and sounds